Are you looking for Ford Transit Custom​ racking that is durable yet inexpensive? If so, it's racks from Work System you're looking for, with shelves and accessories made of a lightweight aluminium steel that you install yourself. On top of being durable without having too high of a cost, the racks from Work System are designed to be easy to install on and inside your vehicle.

The benefit of racking on your Ford Transit Custom​​​​ are easy to tell but it's not always easy to afford the initial cost, especially if you've just started out in a profession that generally requires you to have secure, safe racking inside your van. As already mentioned, Work System provides cheap and strong racking with a guarantee that lasts for 36 months so you can be sure that the money is well spent.

Doing it yourself

Of course, shelves and racks will not be the only thing you'll need for your van, there's also a broad selection of accessories to get from Work System, such as smart boxes for tools, dividers, holders and tool boards. With the help of Work System, you can easily get all you need to get started if you work with a profession that requires a van full of tools.

 Naturally you do have to install these things yourself just like with the racks and shelves, but with the price and how straightforward it is to install both shelves, accessories and the like it should come to no surprise that it's quite worth the small effort to do it yourself. So get yourself some cheap and good Vauxhall Vivaro racking for your tools!​